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Iran has not stopped oil exports to Greece, Spain: oil official


08:55, April 19, 2012

TEHRAN, April 18 (Xinhua) -- Manager of International Affairs of Iran's National Oil Company said Iran has not stopped oil exports to Greece and Spain, the semi-official ISNA news agency reported Wednesday.

Talking on the sidelines of an international oil exhibition in Tehran, Mohsen Qamsari said, "So far, we haven't received any order to stop Iran's crude exports to Greece and Spain."

Asked about earlier reports quoting the Iranian oil minister about the oil export cuts to Greece and Spain, Qamsari said, "This is not true."

"Iran's Oil Ministry has just halted oil sales to Britain and France," he was quoted as saying.

On April 11, Iranian satellite Press TV reported that Iran cut oil exports to Germany.

According to the report, the announcement by Iran came one day after it said that it had halted crude sales to Spain as part of preemptive measures to counter sanctions endorsed earlier by the European Union (EU).

Iranian Oil Minister Rostam Qasemi also said last week that Iran had already stopped oil exports to Greece, local media reported.

Iran announced in February that it had stopped oil exports to British and French companies and threatened to possibly cut its oil exports to six other EU states -- Portugal, Spain, Greece, Italy, Germany and the Netherlands.

EU leaders endorsed in January the latest restrictive sanction measures on Iran's oil exports. The sanctions are expected to be implemented from July 1.


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