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Restart Six-Party Talks

(China Daily)

15:21, April 18, 2012

In a presidential statement released on Monday, the United Nations Security Council unanimously condemned a failed satellite launch by the Democratic People's Republic of Korea on April 13.

The Security Council also urged the DPRK not to proceed with any further launches using ballistic missile technology and fully comply with relevant council resolutions.

The terse, but carefully considered, wording of the statement and its non-binding nature leave room for diplomatic mediation, and the world body should push for more dialogue among the parties concerned.

The statement was worded after consultations among all the members of the council. China participated in these consultations in a responsible and constructive way, and it has again called for the Six-Party Talks to resume.

China has been a staunch advocate of the sole security mechanism in Northeast Asia, and while the DPRK's satellite launch has chilled Pyongyang's relationship with Washington and Seoul again, Beijing is willing to keep in close touch with all parties concerned in order to enable the early resumption of the talks.

Following the DPRK's talks with the United States in Beijing, there were positive developments and a measurable easing of tension, as the DPRK announced on Feb 29 that it would suspend nuclear tests, long-range missile launches and uranium enrichment activities in exchange for US food aid.

But this desirable momentum was brought to an end when Pyongyang announced its plan for the satellite launch on March 16. On Saturday, the US formally halted its food aid plan to DPRK.

All parties concerned should exercise the utmost restraint and avoid making moves that may further escalate tension, they should bear in mind that they shoulder unshirkable responsibilities to maintain peace and stability in Northeast Asia.

The denuclearization of the peninsula, the normalization of relations between the countries concerned and the cultivation of a mechanism to safeguard security and stability are important components for a lasting peace on the peninsula.

The Six-Party Talks are the only efficient platform for the parties concerned to sit down and discuss these issues. The process to restart the talks should not be delayed, and the relevant parties should do their utmost to ensure the talks resume as soon as possible.


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