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Peru's 9 trapped miners rescued


09:10, April 12, 2012

LIMA, April 11 (Xinhua) -- Peru's nine miners who have been trapped underground for seven days, were freed early Wednesday.

The miners exited the Cabeza de Negro mine one by one starting from around 7 am local time (1200 GMT), rescuers said.

Peruvian President Ollanta Humala said "Mission accomplished" as he greeted the miners after they emerged from a week of being trapped underground.

Wearing protective dark goggles, the miners surfaced into the daylight looking tired, dehydrated and stressed but walking and giving the peace sign as they approached to shake hands with Humala and the rescue team.

"The best medicine for them is to see their wives and children, " said Humala, referring to the doctors stationed at the mine's entry to offer the rescued men medical treatment and first aid.

Among the ailments affecting the miners were gastrointestinal infections, stress and vision problems, but none of them severe. Each of the nine was also able to walk on his own, though rescue workers had brought cots in case they were needed.

The miners became trapped last Thursday, when they set off an explosion while looking for copper and gold in an abandoned mine called Cabeza de Negro in Yauca del Rosario, a town 303 kilometers south of the capital of Lima, in Peru's southern Ica region.

The miners, including a father and son, were identified as Roger Pariona Hernandez, Javier and Roger Tapia Lopez, Felix Cucho Aguilar, Edwin Bellido Sarmiento, Julio Cesar Huaita, Jesus Capatinta Rayme, Jacinto Pariona Sarmiento and Carlos Humani Galindo.


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