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Cambodia to join peacekeeping mission in South Sudan soon


08:24, April 12, 2012

PHNOM PENH, April 11 (Xinhua) -- Cambodian military police and military medics will leave Cambodia on April 16 on a peacekeeping mission in South Sudan, the United Nations Development Program- Cambodia said in a press release on Wednesday.

They are among the 153 peacekeepers Cambodia will send to South Sudan this year. To date, 839 Cambodian troops have completed peacekeeping missions, and 222 are currently on mission, said the press release.

Speaking at the ceremony, UN Resident Coordinator Douglas Broderick thanked the peacekeepers and applauded the Royal Cambodian Armed Forces Peacekeeping Teams for continuing Cambodia' s legacy of contributing to global peacekeeping efforts.

Broderick urged the peacekeepers to continue to reflect on the duty of responsibility placed upon them as they lend their support to the fledgling new country South Sudan.

"It is remarkable to see the transition this country has made from being a country where UN peacekeeping forces were required, to becoming a contributor to UN peacekeeping operations," he said. "By sharing your skills and experience with countries that are enduring conflict and political instability, your work helps save lives and rebuild the communities in which you serve."

"As you depart today for South Sudan, you become a part of the United Nations family as you enter the service of humanity," Broderick said.

"No nation can live in harmony and prosperity without peace and stability and thus our mission is very important," said Tea Banh, deputy prime minister and minister of national defense.

"The departure of the military personnel is indeed a new milestone that manifests our commitment and greater contribution to global peace," he said.


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