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DPRK's "missile launch" to violate UN resolutions: White House


09:03, April 11, 2012

WASHINGTON, April 10 (Xinhua) -- The planned "missile launch" by the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) would violate its obligations under the two related UN Security Council resolutions, the White House said on Tuesday.

"The proposed missile launch, if conducted, would represent a clear and serious violation of North Korea's obligations under two United Nations Security Council resolutions that explicitly prohibit North Korea from testing ballistic missiles," White House spokesman Jay Carney said while traveling with U.S. President Barack Obama.

"We will continue to work with our partners on next steps if North Korea goes through with this provocation, and we continue to urge countries that have influence on North Korea to work to persuade North Korea to consider a different path," he told reporters during a press gaggle aboard Air Force One.

Without specifying what the next steps would be, Carney said that it is impossible for Washington to provide Pyongyang with food aid if it carries out the launch which, according to him, is a "flagrant violation" of DPRK's "basic international obligations. "

On Monday, U.S. State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said that DPRK's "launch of a missile" would be "highly provocative". She said that the move would violate UN Security Council Resolutions 1718 and 1874, which prohibit Pyongyang from conducting launches that use long-range ballistic missile technology.

The DPRK last month announced its plan to launch an "earth observation" satellite between April 12 and 16 to mark the 100th anniversary of the birth of DPRK founder Kim Il Sung. The upcoming launch has triggered global concerns.


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jj at 2012-04-11124.82.103.*
Is there a violation????? better move back to middle and ero problems which should be the world"s concern not N Korea rocket lunching, no big deal.

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