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World should help Africa establish 'hematopoietic system'

By Zhongsheng (People's Daily)

16:42, April 10, 2012

Edited and translated by People's Daily Online

Mali in western Africa is facing greater danger of split, and tribal conflicts in Libya and sectarian violence in Nigeria have recently escalated. Given the civil war in Cote d'Ivoire, South Sudan's independence, and the Libyan civil war last year, it is obvious that certain regions of Africa are entering a new round of drastic changes, while the African economy is at the same time in a period of rapid growth. The International Monetary Fund predicted that Africa's economy will grow by another 6 percent in 2012, as fast as the Asia-Pacific economy, the most dynamic part of the world economy.

Development and turbulence have brought hope and anxiety to the African people. Africa's fate has never been so closely associated with the world's fate, and the continent has never had such a big influence on global peace and development. As the global economic growth is driven by multiple engines, more countries should be able to share in the fruits of development. If a region cannot share the fruits of economic globalization, it may produce some obstacle to global development.

Africa's fate lies in the hands of Africans. Africa's development depends on whether it can form an economic and political "hematopoietic system," and on whether African countries can achieve coordinated economic and political development through economic and trade cooperation.

The world is unlikely to achieve steady development if Africa remains plagued by instability. In order to promote stable development on the continent, the international community, especially emerging economies, should provide constructive support to establish a "hematopoietic system" in Africa, increase investment in Africa's infrastructure projects, and improve the quality of the African labor force.

External forces offering help to Africa should not transform the continent by their "political logic" as certain Western powers did before. History has proved that the practices colonists imposed on Africans are unfeasible, and some of them became the cause of many ethnic, tribal, and religious conflicts on the continent. The international community should help Africans find a suitable development path, and encourage regional organizations such as the African Union to play a bigger role in resolving regional issues.

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