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Gunmen kills 6 Shiite Muslims in sectarian attack in Pakistan


09:07, April 10, 2012

ISLAMABAD, April 9 (Xinhua) -- An unidentified gunmen shot dead six Shiite Muslims in what the police described as a sectarian attack in southwestern Pakistan late Monday evening.

The gunmen, riding motorcycle, opened fire on people at a shop in Quetta, the capital of Balochistan province.

Four people were killed at the scene and two later died of wounds in a military hospital, police said.

Police and witnesses said that the gunmen fired the shop on the busy Prince Road.

The gunmen fled after the attack. No group claimed responsibility for the attack. The police suspect the banned extremist groups behind the attack.

People pulled their shutter down as fear gripped the area after the incident.

Heavy police contingents were deployed in some areas of the city to check any untoward incident.

Police said the attack was sectarian as Shiites were targeted in the incident.

The Hazara Democratic Party condemned the attack and its supporters also staged protest against the incident outside the hospital. The party demanded immediate arrest of those involved in the attack. Shiite groups announced a three-day mourning.


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