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Flood situation to worsen in Fiji


10:59, April 01, 2012

SUVA, April 1 (Xinhua) -- Due to the continuous bad weather conditions in Fiji's Western Division on Sunday, the national airline Air Pacifi's international carrier is only operating outbound flights to Sydney, Brisbane and Auckland.

Air Pacific has confirmed they will only carry those passengers who are already checked in at the airport as three major roads to the airport is not accessible anymore due to floods and need for urgent maintenance.

A severe flood warning is now in force for major rivers, streams and low lying areas in the western division of the island nation.

A strong wind warning still remains in force for the land areas of the Fiji group and everyone is bracing for more bad weather and flooding.

A weakening tropical depression was located to the far south and southwest of the western tourist town Nadi again on Sunday as an associated active trough of low pressure continues to affect the group. It is expected that a third depression would hit Fiji within the next 24 hours and it may develop into a tropical cyclone.

Nadi Weather Office Director, Alipate Waqaicelua said that the Nadi River has burst its banks and water was now pushing into many parts of the tourist town and advised people including tourists to take heed of the weather warnings.

More rain on Sunday will keep river levels high and flooding is also a risk in the Central and Northern regions so please listen to the weather updates constantly and stay away from any flood waters.

Meanwhile, some tourists told the Fiji Village radio on Sunday that it was a sad situation to be trapped in the flood waters as they witnessed homes in Nadi under water and people just moving which was a horrific sight in the midst of the rising flood waters.


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