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People be navigators towards democracy: Myanmar media


13:42, March 31, 2012

YANGON, March 31 (Xinhua) -- People are navigators in directing Myanmar towards a better future while democracy system serves as a map, an official newspaper said Saturday.

"As democracy has its own pros and cons like all other systems of the world, people in a democratic society must have more than the given abilities as they themselves are the navigators towards the right path to the aspired goal," the New Light of Myanmar said in an editorial on the eve of the first parliamentary by-election in the new government era due on Sunday.

"Our democratization process has been opening up reform in multiple sectors throughout its non-stop evolution from the start to this date, calling for both hard work and efficiency of the citizens who actually wish national progress through changes and democracy in a peaceful and stable atmosphere," it said.

Acknowledging that Myanmar people want democracy as they believe the system will bring progress and prosperity to the nation, the editorial stressed the need for the people to possess high efficiency or high intellectual level in building a true democratic state that guarantees peace, prosperity and progress everyone wants.

The editorial also emphasized the need to have "efficiency to compete with international counterparts for national progress, ethics to stay away from corruption and bribery, which is the worst enemy of democracy, vision to stay united and forge national consolidation, the strength of democracy, experience to do the right job at the right time and knowledge to practice democracy correctly."


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