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Fiji's west hit by flood


11:05, March 30, 2012

SUVA, March 30 (Xinhua) -- Fiji's Western Division is being hit by flooding once again while schools affected by the flooding are closed and all Pacific Sun domestic flights are on hold Friday due to the bad weather conditions, according to a government statement.

The Ministry of Information warned in a media release on Friday morning that heavy rain is being experienced in the Western Division due to a shallow tropical depression located west-southwest of Nadi.

A large town of Ba in the division is under water.

A severe flooding warning is in place for major rivers, streams and low-lying areas in the Western Division.

Fiji's Meteorological Service confirmed that this severe flooding is expected in the Western Division and an active trough of low pressure continues to affect the group, adding a shallow tropical depression is gradually moving towards the South but is not expected to develop into a tropical cyclone.

A strong wind warning is also in place for the western half of Viti-Levu, Yasawa and the Mamanuca group, Kadavu and smaller islands.

Fiji's national airline Air Pacific spokesperson Shane Hussein said all its domestic flights are on hold on Friday due to the bad weather conditions while some international flights like the Nadi/ Auckland and Nadi/Sydney flights are now on hold until further updates are given.

Air Pacific will give further updates as they continue to monitor the weather situation, Hussein said.


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