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Medvedev calls for AL's collective approach to Syria issue


08:24, March 30, 2012

MOSCOW, March 29 (Xinhua) -- Russian President Dmitry Medvedev urged the Arab League (AL) to work together to find a way ending the year-long crisis in Syria, the Kremlin website said Thursday.

"We are in favor of developing collective approaches that could help normalize the situation in this country (Syria)," Medvedev said in his greetings to participants of the AL summit.

He called on the AL member states to join forces to promote the rapid cessation of bloodshed in Syria, find a solution that is acceptable to everyone and launch dialogue between the Syrian authorities and the opposition.

Meanwhile, the president hailed the AL achievements for resolving the crisis situations in the region, adding that Moscow will deepen multifaceted cooperation with AL member states, which remains one of Russia's foreign policy priorities.

The 2012 AL summit kicked off in Iraq's war-wrecked capital of Baghdad on Thursday.

The AL, comprising 22 members, is a national and regional organization that seeks to promote closer ties among member states and coordinate their policies and economic, cultural and security plans with a view to developing collective cooperation, protecting national security and maintaining the independence and sovereignty of member states, thereby enhancing the potential for joint Arab action in all fields.

The summit of the heads of Arab States is the league's highest organ of power, as well as the Arab world's top-level forum devoted to the discussion of major regional issues.

The Arab delegations are scheduled to discuss and approve a proposed draft statement including such issues as the situation in Syria, issues of the Palestinians, Yemen and Somalia, among others.


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