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Massive security forces to secure anti-oil price hike protests in Jakarta


14:42, March 27, 2012

JAKARTA, March 27 (Xinhua) -- Indonesian security authority on Tuesday deploys over 22,000 policemen and soldiers in Jakarta to secure planned massive demonstration protesting the government plan to raise oil price on April 1, police said.

The security forces, comprising some 14,000 policemen and 8,000 soldiers, were stationed at some vital locations, including the Presidential Palace, parliament building and other spots, said Agung Budi, chief of operation of Jakarta police.

"This all aims at securing the protest so that the democratic process can run smoothly," he told local Metro television on Tuesday.

The police deployed officers at 26 spots possibly targeted by the protesters, but soldiers were only stationed at vital locations, such as the presidential palace, said Budi.

"We deploy over 3,700 people outside the palace," he said.

The government plans to increase oil price by about one third to cope with the risk of global oil price hike on the state budget oil subsidy.

Thousands of people plans to take to streets on Tuesday to show their disagreement over the plan.

Indonesia is a net-oil importer and provides huge oil subsidy amid the dwindling oil output due to shortage of investment and aging wells.


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