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UN Security Council strongly condemns coup in Mali


09:24, March 27, 2012

UNITED NATIONS, March 26 (Xinhua) -- The UN Security Council expressed its strong condemnation here on Monday of a recent coup d'etat in Mali and called for order to be restored in the country.

"The Security Council strongly condemns the forcible seizure of power from the democratically-elected government of Mali by some elements of the Malian armed forces," said a presidential statement released here following consultations of the council on UN peacekeeping operations and other matters.

"The Security Council condemns the acts initiated and carried out by mutinous troops against the democratically-elected government and demands they cease all violence and return to their barracks," it said.

The coup in Mali took place on the morning of March 22, when the National Committee for Redressment of Democracy and Restoration of the State (CNRDR) overthrew Malian President Amadou Toumani Toure.

"The Security Council calls for the restoration of constitutional order, and the holding of elections as previously scheduled," said the statement.

The coup came ahead of Mali's next presidential election that is scheduled for April 29.

In the presidential statement, the members of the council voiced "serious concern" about insecurity in the country including presence of armed and terrorist groups and the proliferation of weapons from within the region and outside of it.

"The Security Council calls for national authorities, and international, regional, and sub-regional organizations, to take urgent steps to further their concerted efforts to address these challenges in an effective and appropriate manner," said the statement.

The statement also pointed out that problems facing Mali extend to the humanitarian sector as well.

The members of the council expressed their concern "over the fragile security and humanitarian situation in the region, and notes that it has been exacerbated by drought, food shortages and the return of thousands of returnees following the Libyan crisis and other crises in the region."


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