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Thousands of Salafists hold rally in Tunis


15:05, March 26, 2012

TUNIS, March 25 (Xinhua) -- Thousands of Salafists gathered Sunday on a main avenue in the Tunisian capital, calling for the implementation of Shariaa (Islamic law) in the country, Radio Mosaique FM reported.

The Salafists gathered on Avenue Bourguiba in Tunis and planted their flag atop a 25-meter clock tower facing the avenue. They held mass prayers and chanted slogans, as the police were deployed nearby without intervening in the rally.

The rally was organized initially against the alleged profanation of the Koran and mosques in some towns, according to media reports. Similar actions also took place simultaneously in Kasbah of Tunis and in the town of Gabes, some 400 km south of the capital.

Clashes were reported between members of the Hizb Tahrir, the country's main Salafist party, and some artists near the Municipal Theater in Tunis.

Also on Sunday, 47-year old Tarek Maaroufi, a Jihadist Salafist man accused of masterminding an assassination in the Panshir province in Afghanistan in 2001, returned to Tunisia from Belgium after having served a 10-year imprisonment, Tunisie Numerique reported.


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Tunisian at 2012-03-26168.187.87.*
HiI think your translator have serious problems with politics, since he is describing the situation as if it is a "Rally", dear Chinese people, the situation in Tunisia is al hamdoulellah good and its getting better, and with regards to manifestations, it is normal that people express them selves and this is happening all over the world whereas our media (which you should be careful of) is totally against the actual government and that"s why they are giving you wrong information. a peacemaker from tunisia

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