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Egypt elects constituent assembly members to draft new constitution


11:34, March 25, 2012

CAIRO, March 24 (Xinhua) -- Members of the Egyptian People's Assembly (lower house) and the Shura Council (upper house) met in Cairo International Center for Conferences on Saturday to elect members of the Constituent Assembly that will draft the country's new constitution.

The preliminary indications revealed that 25 members from the Muslim Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice party, 11 from the Salafists' Nour party, and 14 independent MPs have been chosen, official news agency MENA said.

The constitution-drafting committee will include 50 lawmakers from the parliament and another 50 chosen from syndicates, unions and public figures.

The Egyptian Social Democratic Party said Saturday that it is withdrawing from the constituent assembly in protest of the 50-50 ratio of MP to non-MP members in the 100-member assembly.

Meanwhile, four marches of political activists and party representatives headed to the conference center, protesting against the way of choosing the members.


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