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Apple's gray income chain exposed

By Wan Yi, Ren Feng (People's Daily)

16:33, March 20, 2012

Edited and translated by People's Daily Online

About 100 literary works are sold and even allowed to be downloaded free of charge in the Apple application shops without getting authorization from the writers. Recently, 22 well-known Chinese writers jointly lodged a complaint against the Apple Inc.

An official from the National Copyright Administration of China said on March 17 that, according to the current information, the Apple application shops are indeed suspected of having piracy and right infringement activities, but the final decision cannot be made until relevant departments have completed the investigation.

By uploading and downloading pirated works, the Apple application shops have formed a full income chain of piracy.

Pirated works widely spread

The writer Nan Pai San Shu is a loyal "Apple fan" and has bought the full series of Apple products. But this time, Apple has broken his heart. He said that, since two years ago, pirated works of his have been increasing in the Apple application shops.

The Apple application shops sell not only best sellers but also ancient classic works. The price of a full set of the authorized Twenty-four Histories is about 3,000 yuan, but the online pirated edition of it is completely free of charge, Ren Haitao, the head of the Department of Legal Affairs under the China Book Company told Xinhua..

Some digital publishing houses have also turned into victims of the Apple application shops. A civil digital publishing house Motie Digital Union has published many digital-edition best sellers through the Apple application shops, including the Things Happened in the Ming Dynasty and the Note of Tomb Robbers, but the general manager of the publishing house Bi Jianwei said that he had lodged at least four or five complaints for the book Things Happened in the Ming Dynasty against the Apple Inc. "It was really troubling!"

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