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What international order should world build?

By Wu Jianmin (People's Daily Overseas Edition)

15:06, March 15, 2012

Edited and translated by People's Daily Online

Syrian issue now attracts international attention. Since the UN Security Council discussed the Syrian situation, Russia and China vetoed the draft resolution, the western world voices differently, condemning or supporting the veto made by Russia and China. Chinese people also hold differently: many people support Chinese government's decision but others do not.

The debate is absolutely not accidental and it impetuses the whole world to answer "what kind of international order should be built in the 21st century".

The deterioration of the situation in Syria has caused a serious humanitarian disaster. The international community gave much sympathy to the tragedy and they are unanimous to finish the disaster as soon as possible. However, the international community has been split over two issues:

Firstly, Should it take military or political measure to solve the Syrian crisis?

Some western countries obviously hope to use the Libyan model to achieve the military solution of the Syrian problem, no matter what beautiful excuses they have. However, it may result in more large-scale humanitarian disaster if they take the measure of supporting one side and attacking the other side due to the intricate crisis in Syria. In the 21st century, many problems cannot be solved by resorting to force, which had been verified by the wars occurred in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya. Although the political settlement is difficult, the final outcome is good for the two sides of the conflict, Syria and its people and even the international community.

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McKechnie at 2012-03-2364.231.163.*
The world cannot stand back and watch a political party or system abuse and destroy the people of that country. There is a time when being a man and a woman of the world is more important than being an American, Chinese, Syrian, etc. It is the moral right and even the responsibility of those who can defend the weak and powerless to do so.
Canada at 2012-03-1870.36.49.*
A world where every country respects every other country"s sovereignty, no country meddles in the internal affairs of another country, or incites war or protests for regime change. Western countries have contempt for democracy and freedom of belief when they try to dictate who a country"s leaders are, or what political system exists in the country.
Liu Yigang at 2012-03-18220.255.2.*
The world needs to be multi-polar in order to protect the interests of all the countries. China has to improve military and economic ties with Russia, Central Asia, Korea, Japan and Southeast Asia.
ASEAN at 2012-03-18220.255.1.*
@ Wende, Yes, you are right. Based on The Universal law of Cause and Effect. USA definitely will implode from within soon. The 50 States will disintegrate internally. And it is not the work of the Russian or Chinese but by its own wrong doing.
PD User at 2012-03-1764.231.163.*
I believe that the world is already working towards a system that respects human rights and respects the natural environment. Countries will learn to work together as they realize that more can be accomplished as one group working towards a common goal then many smaller groups working against the worlds best collective interests. I would like to see a world were human morality and decency is the norm and people live by the simple but powerful belief that you should "Treat others as you would like to be treated." McKechnie

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