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Australian farmers protest against coal seam gas mining on farming land


13:50, March 12, 2012

BRISBANE, Australia, March 12 (Xinhua) -- Busloads of Australia 's Queensland farmers have met in the key Brisbane seat of Ashgrove to march on the major political parties' campaign offices, protesting against coal seam gas (CSG) mining across farming land in the state, local media reported on Monday.

The Queensland Greens and Katter's Australian Party have joined the farmers in Monday's protest, according to the Australian Associated Press (AAP) reports.

They are expected to march on the campaign offices of Labor incumbent Kate Jones and Liberal National Party leader Campbell Newman.

Queensland farmers are asking voters in Ashgrove to think about the threat of mining destroying farming land and water when they cast their votes in the March 24 state election.

Farm adviser Graham Boulton told the AAP that city folk needed to understand the devastating impacts of CSG on farmers' land.

"We are really concerned underground water will be contaminated or lost," Boulton said.

He said many farmers in southern, southeast and central west Queensland relied on underground water for irrigation and for drinking water.

John Cook, a cattle and grain farmer from the Toowoomba region, said both major parties had shown they were more interested in mining royalties than the threat posed by CSG mining to underground waterways and good farming land.

Newman must win the seat of Ashgrove in the March 24 poll if he is to become the next premier of Queensland.


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Peah Barnyngoz at 2012-03-12123.51.73.*
Can any people working in Chinese corporations please read this and take notice. I live south from the border in NSW even though this article is about things that have taken place to the north in Queenland, Australia. The region I live in thrives on tourism, organic farming and renewable energy. This is a no go zone fro coal seam gas exploration. Keep coal seam gas drilling rigs, wells, waste ponds and pipelines away from here.

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