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British pregnant man gives birth to his 3rd child


13:38, March 10, 2012


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Shenshi at 2012-03-1378.42.74.*
He"s not British, but American.
Moe at 2012-03-12205.206.16.*
How was "He" fertilized? Was it "self-fertilization" If he has both male and female reproductive parts,then he is an abnormal human being.
HuaQiao at 2012-03-1075.72.239.*
Top looked like a man, bottom looked like a woman, so don't call a man! If the bottom organs are perfect for reproductive works, it is a woman. This case, it is a woman. you call "man" make me wanna throw up! Suck! sick! Better search for words like "gay", "Lesbian", or "Imperfect", or the like. But don't name "man". An actual man can never get birth to a baby.
LILY at 2012-03-1059.58.177.*

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