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Australian FM-designate makes first overseas visit to New Zealand


14:53, March 08, 2012

WELLINGTON, March 8 (Xinhua) -- Australian Foreign Minister designate Bob Carr will arrive in Auckland Friday for a two-day visit to New Zealand, his first overseas trip in his new capacity, New Zealand Foreign Minister Murray McCully announced Thursday.

"I am delighted to welcome Bob Carr on his first overseas trip in his new capacity," McCully said in a statement.

"He is well known as a friend of New Zealand and brings a wealth of experience and expertise to his new role," said McCully.

"The trans-Tasman relationship is a special one for both countries and is reflected in our close cooperation on the international stage.

"I look forward to sharing New Zealand's perspective on developments in our Pacific neighborhood, as well as challenges and opportunities emerging across the Asia-Pacific region and around the globe."

Carr's program would include talks with McCully and a meeting with Prime Minister John Key. He would also meet with the Minister of Defence Jonathan Coleman and the Leader of the Opposition David Shearer.

Carr was announced as foreign minister last week by Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard. He served as premier of the state of New South Wales from 1995 to 2005.

He replaces former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd in the Foreign Ministry. Rudd resigned as foreign minister in February before challenging Gillard for the leadership of the Labor Party.


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