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Wireless transmission waves become part of Mideast episode of conflicts


10:51, March 08, 2012

RAMALLAH, March 7 (Xinhua) -- The latest Israeli army raids on two Ramallah-based television stations highlighted another episode in the Israeli-Palestinian conflicts series that have been going on since 1948.

Palestinian officials considered the Israeli army raids of Wattan and al-Quds Education television stations in the West Bank city of Ramallah an attempt to seize the Palestinian air and deprive the Palestinians of rights to have their own wireless transmission waves.

They rejected the Israeli army justifications that the two TV stations' waves disturb the wireless waves of Ben Gurion Airport, adding that stopping the Palestinian wireless waves is aimed at developing Israeli technological plans and blocking any possibility for an independent Palestinian state.

The Palestinians in the West Bank have been complaining that the Israeli authorities block the import of transmitters for cellular phones, radio stations and television networks and prevent the Palestinians from promoting their communications.

Mo'amar Urabi, director of Wattan TV in Ramallah told Xinhua that the transmission of his station which was raided by the Israeli army in Feb. 29, has never disturbed or blocked the Israeli airport's transmission, adding "Israel uses these claims as an execution to destroy our station."

"The World's Union of Communications had devoted special frequencies to each Palestinian station, therefore, our stations would never disturb the Israeli airport frequencies," said Urabi, adding that "it is not the first time that Watan TV is attacked. Israel had destroyed the TV station in 2002."

The Palestinian National Authority (PNA) announced that it decided to present an official compliant to the World's Union of Communications against Israel for raiding the two TV stations in Ramallah. In the West Bank, there are 100 radio and television stations, according to PNA official figures.

The PNA ministry of telecommunications said that all radio and television stations in the West Bank were established in accordance to a decision of the conference of the General Commissions of the International Union of Communications, where all the stations respect and abide by the decision.

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