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North Korea, a beautiful, bright country (I)

(People's Daily Online)

08:22, March 08, 2012


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Obama at 2012-03-2197.81.29.*
This small comment section presents another chance to deliver the message that the nation we call China must be elimistroyed, destroyminated, annihiloyed, vanquilated..
kouduki at 2012-03-08124.210.129.*
Every shot are apparently set up as streets are clean with no trash, walkers are decorated in formal wear and towns and city corners with no shadow of common people. Those pictures tell that DPRK have to hide real life of its people who must be in hunger and poverty in a Big Brother society.
sanarco at 2012-03-08124.210.129.*
No pictures show aspects of common people"s everyday life. Streets looks something unusual becasue of common people missing as if people were whisked away just like a si-fi world. Very weird.
PD User at 2012-03-08124.207.24.*

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