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Indian police arrest Iranian over Israel embassy car attack


14:00, March 07, 2012

NEW DELHI, March 7 (Xinhua) -- Indian police have detained an Iranian freelance journalist in the Indian capital over his suspected role in the bomb attack on an Israeli embassy car last month, said a local newspaper Wednesday.

Syed Ahmed Kazmi, 50, freelance journalist from Tehran, has been arrested from Lodhi colony in central Delhi by special forces in connection with the Israeli embassy car blast case, the daily Hindustan Times said in its electronic edition.

Kazmi, a resident of Tehran, helped plan the attack. He is now being questioned by Indian security agencies, said the report quoting unnamed sources.

Israeli diplomat Tal Yehoshua, her Indian driver as well as two other passers-by were injured in the blast after a magnetic bomb stuck to the vehicle went off on Feb. 13 in central Delhi.


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