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Indonesian military receives 3 new helicopters for navy, armed forces


13:34, March 02, 2012

JAKARTA, March 2 (Xinhua) -- Indonesian aviation industry PT Dirgantara Indonesia (PTDI) handed over three new Bell 412 EP helicopters to Indonesian military that would be commissioned to the navy and armed forces, a local media reported on Friday. "The procurement on the helicopters jointly produced by PTDI is the proof of the military's commitment to prioritize armament procurement from domestic producers so as to improve their competitiveness," PTDI Director Budi Santoso said in the handing over ceremony.

The handing over ceremony was conducted in PTDI's plant located in Bandung, West Java, witnessed by Indonesian Defense Minister Purnomo Yusgiantoro.

Purnomo said those helicopters would add the fleet at Indonesian armed forces' helicopter squadron which now operates 32 helicopters that consisted of 24 utility/assault helicopters and 8 attack helicopters.

Those helicopters were jointly produced by PTDI and the US- based Bell Helicopter Textron Incorporated. The Bell 412 EP is capable to carry both military and transporter function, the Antara news service reported. The latest helicopter model in its class is capable to carry up to 15 personnel and three tons of freight, including machine guns for military operation.


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