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Political dialogue is right solution to Syrian crisis

By Ruan Zongze (People's Daily Overseas Edition)

08:30, March 01, 2012

Edited and translated by People's Daily Online

There are currently two ways to resolve the Syrian crisis: political dialogue, or military intervention. The biggest aspiration of the Syrian people is to immediately end all violence and restore the country’s normal social order. Political dialogue is undoubtedly the right solution as it can minimize the damage of the conflict between the Syrian government and opposition to ordinary Syrians. China, Russia, and other responsible countries have been making active efforts to bring all stakeholders to the negotiating table.

However, their efforts have been repeatedly slandered by Western powers. At the conclusion of the "Friends of Syria" meeting, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton lashed out at China and Russia, saying, "They are setting themselves against the aspirations not only of the Syrian people, but of the entire Arab Spring." Clinton's accusation is completely groundless and full of lies.

The Syrian government led by President Bashar al-Assad held a referendum on a new draft constitution on Feb. 26. This is the most important reform ever carried out by the Syrian government, and is expected to guide the nation into a new era of political pluralism and multi-partism.

Some western powers, on one hand, mock at Syrian people's referendum by calling it as "a farce" but on the other hand, further exploit and support the opposition.

Obviously, Western powers' goal is by no means promoting domestic political dialogue or democratic process, but achieving regime changes in Syria. In this situation, it is more difficult to see Syria in peace.

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jamal at 2012-03-0580.227.122.*
i read the article of Ruan Zongze.and one thing i noticed ,the complet lack of good reading and comperhantions of the writer of the syrian situation,the problem in syria is very simple,The syrian people are sick and tiered of being ruled by a dictetors,they want freedom ,and they are willing to go all the way to reach this objective,The syrian people want to get rid of the rules of The Alawaites who counts for less than & percent of the populations who with in it the sunni count for more than*) percent,regarding the referendom on the constituation i can say the change proposed is worset than the priviouse one it provid for the current dictator to rule for 16 more years then his son will take over,under the assad regime the constitution was written to legitimise his regime and not serve the people,any security officer no matter how low is his grade ,can piss on the constitution and abuse any citezen in violation of the civil right which is suppositly protected by the same constitution, please our chinese friend if dont interfer negatively with our affairs,keep serving chinese food in which you are very good,the middle east will never be a place for your political influence, hachi pachi yung.
John at 2012-03-03113.231.246.*
wende- Russia backs Assad and will veto any intervention by the UN. He has many Russian tanks to kill as many people as he needs to stay in power. Why should China or Russia care if Syrian streets run red with blood
wende at 2012-03-0271.255.93.*
US and the western allies will use more palatable words to pass a UN resolution and then they will twist the terms and make things go with the way they want. If unsure, it is better to just vote NO
William Hooper at 2012-03-0137.34.15.*
I think the Western analysis is about the energy of revolution, whereas the Chinese analysis is pragmatic. Let me give an example, during the Cultural Revolution China fell in love, I think, with Western energetic analysis. Mao followed a path which was blind to consequences and driven entirely by spirit, it didn"t matter how many died, no price was too high etc, it was all about energy. Now China is back to normal it can"t comprehend US love of Arab revolution, which is clearly creating disaster and pain, but that comes from its failure to understand the energetic analysis. If China wants to press a different path it must think how it would have argued with Mao. Body counts and other practical metrics are irrelevant, you must show why the energy if the revolution is corrupt. You must show what is wrong in the hearts of the revolutionaries- you must argue that the fighters are bohemians who know nothing about piety and science, and whose rampage is evil. You must show how you Chinese philosophers can fly into Syria and educate the elite and how the elite will then love the people more than the rebels. Does that make sense my friends at the People"s Daily? I am a philosopher who spends a lot of time thinking about the human mind and that"s my guess anyhow, but don"t take my word for it, get one of these American diplomats in a room and lock in him and spend time debating with him until you learn how each other think. Ultimately China and the US have the same goal in the Middle East, to secure the oil supply, you just have to try and connect with eath other to get that consensus.
Canada at 2012-03-0170.36.49.*
The U.S. benefits greatly from war, the Syrian people lose. Yes, to peace and a political solution. Hillary"s lies and actions are unforgiveable, irresponsible, & have caused much needless bloodshed.

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