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Israel not to warn U.S. on Iran attack: reports


08:50, February 29, 2012

WASHINGTON, Feb. 28 (Xinhua) -- Israeli officials said that they would not warn its closest ally the United States if the Jewish state decided to launch attacks on Iran's nuclear facilities, local media said here on Tuesday.

Israeli officials said that they would keep the Americans in the dark if they decided to attack Iran, in order to decrease the possibility that the United States would be held responsible for failing to stop the attack, reported MSNBC TV Channel, quoting American intelligence officials.

Israeli defense officials confirmed that there was no plan to give the Untied States a heads-up on potential military strike against Iran, although they have not made the final decisions on whether to attack, according to the reports.

The reports said that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Ehud Barak conveyed the message to a string of top U.S. officials who had visited the country recently, including chairman of the joint chiefs of staff Martin Dempsey, national security advisor Tom Donilon, and top U.S. lawmakers.

Anonymous U.S. officials said that Netanyahu delivered the same message to all top U.S. officials who went to Israel for the talks.

Such reports indicated a widening gap between the United States and Israel on how to tackle the Iranian nuclear issue. Israeli officials believed that Iran was pursuing nuclear weapons and the window for military attacks were closing, while the United States said there was no evidence that Iran had made up its mind to make a nuclear bomb, citing serious consequences of a military strike, including retaliations against U.S. interests, instability in the region and impact to the fragile global economy.

Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak on Tuesday headed to Washington for talks with senior U.S. officials. U.S. President Barack Obama will meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the White House next Monday. The focus of all those talks will undoubtedly be on the potential Israeli strike on Iranian nuclear sites.


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John at 2012-04-10113.239.228.*
Hammad Sethi- you hate Christians and Jews, they hate you. What else is new
Hammad Sethi at 2012-03-0192.40.253.*
The Saudi regime is the most corrupt and the most repressive regime in the Muslim world, without any fear of accountability. Israel is the worst enemy of the whole of the Muslim world, and the Saudi regime just spent US $60 Billion on weapons that are programmed not to be used against Israel, and only to support USA, who is the worst enemy of Islam. West is interested in reestablishing their tyrannical hegemony over the Muslim world, after their miserable failure in Iraq, Libya, and Afghanistan, and Saudi Arabia is trying its best to help Western Christian enemies of Islam plant new despot rulers in Muslim countries, so that Muslims can be controlled and they don"t learn to speak out against their persecution, and best stay sleeping. That is why Saudi Arabia is an enemy of Syria and Iran, and wants their regimes changed, and despots and traitors installed, so that no Muslim ever speaks out against illegitimate brutal, oppressive Western-backed regime in Saudi Arabia.
Ron at 2012-02-29113.231.240.*
Azizur- Wonderful idea. Add China"s nukes and Pakistan"s nukes to the Israel nukes and have a war. With a bit of luck we can destroy the entire planet
Azizur at 2012-02-29119.40.80.*
Who give Israel the right to attack a independent country?. more over Israel has more than 200 nuclear bomb. But why world power silence on that matter? ultimately the land they are using is the land of Palestinian. So i feel Pakistan and china should help iran to destroy israel the bustard nation of the world.All the worlds problems are created by Israel. Israel are working with India to hamper china,s development. It is well known that in Arunachal pradash of China israel making a military station with the help of india to terrorist attack in china. So alart from india and Israel.

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