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Australian PM confident to deliver Labor victory at next election


15:47, February 24, 2012

MELBOURNE, Feb. 24 (Xinhua) -- Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard said here Friday she's confident to lead the party and deliver a Labor victory at the next election.

She said the choice her colleagues face is a choice of who can deliver on behalf of the Australian people. "I'm asking my Caucus colleagues for their support on Monday so we can deliver reforms," she said.

She said talking is easy but getting things done is harder. And she's confident to lead the party and deliver a Labor victory at the next election. "I'm the person who gets things done."

Gillard said when Monday comes and goes there will be a nation that needs to be governed.

Australian Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd's sudden announcement of resignation on Wednesday has aroused furious controversies in politics, with Prime Minister Julia Gillard criticizing Rudd for not contacting her before he announced to resign as foreign affairs minister.

Rudd officially confirmed earlier he will bid for the leadership at the Caucus ballot next Monday.


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Gillard is dreaming. 85% of Australians cannot stand her. She is no doubt the worst Prime Minister in Australia"s political history.

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