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"Like a bomb explosion:" Argentine train crash survivor


09:59, February 24, 2012

BUENOS AIRES, Feb. 23 (Xinhua) -- It was a commuter's nightmare come true - a packed train hurtling past platform after platform before finally slamming into a shock-absorbing barrier and sending passengers into each other, to the floor, and worse.

"I saw a passenger who sat by the window was thrown out of the train and fell on the platform," a survivor told Xinhua after Wednesday's deadly morning rush-hour crash in Buenos Aires' bustling Once station.

With a quivering voice, the man, who identified himself only as Fabio, was still rattled as he described the crash that killed 49 people and injured 600 of the approximately 1,200 people aboard the train.

The victims included 48 adults and one child who had crowded into the first two cars of the eight-car train to get ahead of the crowds on arrival in the station on the first working day after a four-day carnival.

"We didn't see the crash because we were on the train. We heard loud bangs and it was terrifying. I have a broken bone in my hand. My neck and feet were also injured, but fortunately they weren't too bad," a passenger who identified himself as Gustavo, told Xinhua at a local hospital.

Municipal police spokesman Fernando Sostre said more than 600 people, including about 460 who were hospitalized, were injured in the crash. The accident was one of the worst in Argentina since Feb. 1, 1970, when 236 people were killed in a two-train collision.H A crowd of wounded passengers was seen waiting for treatment outside the Once station, while many of the slightly injured left for home or clinics on their own.

Dozens of ambulances from Buenos Aires' emergency services rushed the injured to 12 hospitals across the city.

However, many injured victims remained lined up on stretchers on the platform. At the station exit, doctors offered emergency treatment on a badly wounded child.

Inside the station, dozens of passengers were trapped in the glass, metal and plastic wreckage for hours as rescuers tried to reach them by cutting through the roofs of the twisted cars.

Other rescuers provided bottled water to the trapped passengers through holes in the wreckage.

At noon Wednesday, several bodies lay on the platform in black plastic bags.


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