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Video accounts for half of mobile data traffic: report


09:17, February 24, 2012

SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 23 (Xinhua) -- Video has risen to account for half of all data traffic on mobile networks, an indication of users' growing demand for mobile content, said a new report released on Thursday.

The average volume of video traffic on mobile networks has increased by 10 percentage points compared with the same time last year, according to the latest mobile analytics report by Bytemobile, a mobile Internet solution provider based in Santa Clara in the U.S. state of California.

In certain mobile networks, video hits up to 69 percent of total data traffic, the report showed.

Bytemobile said that the report anonymously sources data traffic statistics from the 3G and 4G networks of its global tier- one customer base and provides insight into the current state of the mobile ecosystem.

It also found that mobile social networking is taking off, with smartphone users spending an average of 4.57 minutes per session on Twitter, 8.51 minutes per session on YouTube and 9.06 minutes per session on Facebook.

Though subscribers use YouTube and Facebook for roughly the same amount of time, video-sharing service YouTube generates 350 times more traffic, according to the report.

As for mobile advertising, Google's Android devices are generating more ad transactions and corresponding data volume than Apple's iOS devices, and Google dominates the mobile ad arena, accounting for about 75 percent of the total ad-generated data.

In another finding, the reported revealed that tablet computers are now driving more mobile traffic than smartphones, as an iPad user on average generates three times the data traffic that an iPhone subscriber does.

The new report offers further evidence that demand for mobile content is continuing to grow, noted Chris Koopmans, chief operating officer of Bytemobile.

"As devices continue to get smarter -- with faster processors, more memory and bigger, sharper screens -- content consumption, particularly video, continues to grow aggressively," he said in a statement.


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