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Putin hopes to restore Russia's relations with Georgian people


08:25, February 23, 2012

MOSCOW, Feb. 22 (Xinhua) -- Russia hopes its relations with Georgian people would be normalized, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday.

In his meeting with high-ranking military officials in the Moscow region, Putin said that Russia has never "equated the Georgian leadership with Georgian people."

"I expect that brotherly Georgian people would finally understand that Russia is not a foe but a friend and the relations would be restored," Putin said, adding that the break-up of relations with Georgia was not Russia's fault.

"This is a result of a policy of the Georgian leadership," he said.

Putin also called the U.S. program that helps Georgia build its defense capabilities a "failure" and warned Tbilisi to refrain from another military aggression.

Moscow and Tbilisi have been at odds over status of Georgia's breakaway regions of Abkhazia and South Ossetia. Moscow recognized their independence in August 2008 following a brief armed conflict with Georgia. In response, Georgia severed its diplomatic relations with Russia after the conflict.


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Georgian LION at 2012-02-2367.188.114.*
Putin has to understand one thing, Georgia is a free country now unlike Russia or China for that matter. In a free country, free people elect the president and that president implements policies, which people of Georgia support. Putin has to remember one thing, he will NEVER get away from crimes he commited in Georgia and Abkhazia and so called South Ossetia will always be part of Georgia. Georgian people made their choice unlike poor Russian people who do not have the choice. One thing is certain Russian and Georgian people will not be foes after Putin and his thugs are prosecuted and under arrest by freeier and more democratic government in Russia. We wish you the best our Russian brothers. and Xinhua, hello!!! Screw you ugly stupid communist mofos....

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