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Jordan rejects foreign interference in Syria


08:31, February 22, 2012

AMMAN, Feb. 21 (Xinhua) -- Jordan's Foreign Minister Nasser Judeh on Tuesday said the presence of the Arab kingdom's ambassador in Syria does not mean that Jordan accepts developments on the ground in Syria, the state-run Petra news agency reported.

Jordan is against violence and supports putting an end to the bloodshed in Syria, said the minister at a meeting with the Senate 's Foreign Affairs Committee.

"Jordan is closely following up on developments in Syria," said the minister, adding that he will take part in a meeting for " Friends of Syria" that will be held in Tunisia next Friday.

The minister said Jordan rejects interference in the internal affairs of any country and it supports the Arab consensus regarding Syria.

"Jordan rejects any foreign interference in Syria and stressed the need for preserving the safety and security of Syria and the unity of its people," said the minister.

Jordan has been under pressure recently to withdraw its ambassador from Syria.

Jordan's Muslim Brotherhood have repeatedly called on the Jordanian government to follow the suit of the Gulf Cooperation Council states that withdrew their ambassadors from Syria recently in protest of the killing of civilians in Syria.


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