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Vietnamese top legislator meets Wallonie-Bruxelles parliament president in Hanoi


10:22, February 21, 2012

HANOI, Feb. 20 (Xinhua) -- Vietnamese National Assembly (NA) Chairman Nguyen Sinh Hung met here on Monday with Jean-Charles Luperto, Parliament President of the Wallonie - Bruxelles region ( a French-speaking Belgian community) during the latter's visit to Vietnam.

Hung welcomed the visit by Jean-Charles Luperto, saying it manifested the fine sentiments of the Belgian people in general, and the French-speaking community in Belgium in particular, to the Vietnamese people.

The relationship and cooperation between the Vietnamese and Belgian people, including the Wallonie- Bruxelles community, have finely developed in all fields. The two sides should further promote it with more practical results obtained in the coming years, said the Vietnamese top legislator.

Expanding cooperation in education between the two countries is extremely important as it will provide favorable conditions to developing the all-sided cooperation between the Vietnamese and the French-speaking Belgian people, he added.

The Wallonie- Bruxelles parliament always supports the expansion of relations between the two countries and considers it as one of priority in Belgium's foreign policy, said Luperto.

In the context of the current global economic difficulties, to strengthen relations and cooperation between Vietnam and Belgium in general, and Vietnamese NA and Wallonie- Bruxelles parliament in particular, is of essentially necessary, contributing to maintaining development of each side, he added.


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