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Backgrounder: Main points of Gulf deal, implementation mechanism for solving Yemeni crisis


09:59, February 21, 2012

SANAA, Feb. 20 (Xinhua) -- Yemen's presidential election is due to take place on Tuesday, with more than 10 million eligible voters to elect the only candidate Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi.

Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh signed a Gulf-brokered power transfer deal in Saudi Arabia's capital Riyadh in November 2011, after backing out of doing so for at least three times.

Under the deal, the president would hand over power to his deputy Hadi and resign within 30 days in return for immunity from prosecution.

Here are the major points of the GCC deal's implementation mechanism:

First Phase:

A national consensus government shall be formed as stipulated in the GCC initiative, consistent with the constitution, within a period that does not exceed 14 days as of the effective date of the GCC initiative. The vice president shall be designated to issue a decree assigning the candidate chosen by the opposition to form a government.

Within 14 days of the effective date of the GCC initiative, Hadi shall establish and chair a Ministerial Committee for Defense and Security Affairs to oversee and supervise all operational, procedural and policy matters related to the country's armed and security forces. No serving member of the armed forces or security agencies may serve on or participate in the work of the committee.

According to the requirements of the GCC initiative, the ministerial committee shall be charged with removing military and security tension, including but not limited to removing all armed elements, barracks, trenches, and check-points from the capital city and other cities in preparation for restructuring and re- engineering the armed and security forces in the second phase.

The government shall establish a ministerial committee to conduct dialogues with the youth protesters in the squares, civil society, and other non-governmental organizations to engage them in shaping the future of the political life in the country.

Early presidential elections are held on a deadline that does not exceed 90 days from the effective date of the GCC initiative. Vice President Hadi shall be nominated as a consensus presidential candidate.

Within 30 days from the effective date of the GCC initiative, the parliament shall issue and approve the immunity law, which ensures the protection of President Saleh and all those who worked with him, be they politicians, military commanders, security men, or civilians while he was in office.

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