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Arab League envoy rejects military action against Syria


09:00, February 21, 2012

MOSCOW, Feb. 20 (Xinhua) -- Neither Syrian opposition groups nor international powers want foreign military intervention in Syria, the Arab League (AL) envoy to Russia Giuma al-Ferjani said Monday.

"Nobody in the Arab world, nobody in the Arab League, nobody on the Syrian side, (including) opposition parties in Syria, are willing to have military interventions in Syria," the envoy told RIA Novosti news agency in Russia's Black Sea resort city of Sochi.

"All of us are against it," he added.

Ferjani said it is a "duty" of the AL and the international community to avoid such an intervention and find a peaceful solution to the crisis.

However, the envoy stressed "radical changes" are needed for the Syrian authority.

The envoy noted that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad may get immunity if the authorities "respond positively" to appeals of the AL and Syrian opposition.

"Now, this possibility (immunity) could be reached, but I think a few months later, it will be impossible to reach it," he said.

Russia's Foreign Ministry on last Friday expressed regret with the UN General Assembly's vote over a draft resolution on Syria, calling it "obviously biased."

Moscow has reiterated its demands to all sides in Syria to stop violence immediately, not to allow outside involvement, and to start national dialogue about reform of the country's political system.


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Hammad Sethi at 2012-02-2192.40.253.*
We Pakistanies have to understand that for us it is very important that we return to our Islamic roots. Pakistan was built in the name of Allah Almighty, the last Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), and the Holy Quran; how it was built, who built it, is now quite immaterial. We are Muslims and we live in a Muslim country called Pakistan, and that is all that matters. Our bright future and the bright future of our coming generations depends on the success of an Islamic Pakistan, unless we want to end up in the middle of nowhere, and want to convert to Hinduism, like Hindu India wants from Muslims, or we want to become Catholics like USA wants from the whole of the world. We are the followers of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) only, and he should mean the world to us. When Pakistan got its independence in 1947, the world had just come out of the so-called second world war, and the world was under the impression that Britain and USA and so-called allies had won some war of freedom and democracy, and that fashism and discrimination had been put to an end. Quaid e Azam was a perfect English gentleman who could hardly speak any other language but English, who used to consume alchohol openly and who had no problem in socializing with English people and who came from a family of "haves", and was himself very successful in the English Christian system, a perfect example of a kind of Muslim that British had imposed on Muslim world to control the Muslim world under British domination in the past two centuries. Under British system, the 1% who "have" always control the 99% havenots. Currently we see the Vatican trying to impose the same system of "haves and have-nots" on the rest of the world with help of Catholics in the USA and European Union, and India and Israel are pawns in this great game. In British system, leaders in British colonies always only ever go to jails and the have-nots make all the real sacrifices, and then the people got their so-called freedom within the British system. Just like Nelson Mandela got the so-called freedom for the black Africans. This was actually being quietly done, because White Catholics were slowly taking-over the British Global London based Pound Sterling Empire. Britain has been slowly moving back into Europe, and US Dollar, USA, New York, and everything White Catholic has been taking-over. In short, the so-called first world war finished the Ottoman Empire in Europe, the so-called second world war finished the British Empire, and the so-called Cold war finished the Soviet Empire, and now we are left with Franco-German Catholic alliance in Europe aggressively promoting the Euro in the world and USA being their sword running the Dollar Empire. Our beloved Holy Prophet (PBUH), worked like a labourer with his followers, and through his personal example he was able to bring about the biggest revolution in human history. I am not here to criticise Quaid e Azam, because I love Quaid e Azam just as much as any other Patriotic Proud Pakistani, but I think that we Pakistani Muslims need to put our house in order. Quaid e Azam followed Mustafa Kamal Attaturk of Turkey in most ways, and Attaturk was a big fan of the so-called French Revolution. Now the times have proved that the French Revolution was a drama staged by Catholics to take control of the world from British in the name of respect for human rights, secularism, democracy, and freedom; and also an attempt to undermine the religious and moral values of all non-catholic nations. What we see in Occupied Palestine, and Occupied Kashmir, and what we saw in Iraq, and Afghanistan; has all this got anything to do with respect for human rights, secularism, democracy, and freedom? Isn"t all this the worst kind of religious fanaticism? So Turkey is moving away from so-called Kamalism and secularism. Parliamentary democracy that our political elite are so proud of and, which ensures the writ of feudal thugs in Pakistani society, is even failing as a system in Britain. Islam ensures basic rights for everybody and Islam first introduced successful multicultural tolerant societies to humanity. Quaid e Azam was such a complete English gentleman that he never even had to go to jail to become a leader. Quaid e Azam and his Feudal companions lived and stayed in luxury Palaces while the Have-Nots died in their millions in the making of our beloved Pakistan, millions got looted and raped. Quaid e Azam never laid a single brick in his whole life, transferred the ownership of Muslim Pakistan from the British to US Catholics, blamed his companions "the bad coins" for all his failures, and left the world in mysterious circumstances. These bad coins ruled Pakistan like their fathers Jageer ever since, and when they saw a threat to their rule they raised the slogan of "udher tum idher hum", and further disintegrated Pakistan. Then Hindu threat became so obvious that they openly tried to build a nuclear bomb, and they were never stopped. It is very obvious that USA did everything under a planning. Then USA got Feudal Emperor Bhutto killed, and now these feudals quietly do what USA wants them to do. Emperor Zardari even told them that they are my people, you can kill them if you want. And Emperor Shah Mehmood Qureshi by mistake revealed that Nuclear assets were no longer safe under Emperor Zardari. If we cannot stop USA now to step on our sovereignty under these feudals and their Parliament, then what could we have done back in 1976. We know that after Iran we are going to be next, but they are too scared to give Iran the bomb, and Iran is too terrified to take the bomb. What USA could not have done back in 1976? Britain never accepted the freedom of Muslims in the sub-continent, and it still supports Ahmedies. It was the Hindus and the Sikhs who carried out all the massacres of Muslims at the time of Independence, and Pakistanies are still discriminated-against in Britain as opposed to Hindus and Sikhs. Britain is too stupid to understand that if it was so weak that it could not do anything to stop Pakistani Independence back in 1947, then what can they do now, but these terrifying Christian crusaders will still always hate the Muslims, and will never miss a chance of stabbing Muslims in the back. I am writing all this out of my worries about the situation in Baluchistan, where I see feudals trying to hang on to power, and commons suffering and making all the sacrifices in the hope of a better future. If we Muslims in Pakistan fully realise that the Holy Prophet (PBUH) is our only un-contested leader, and we need to follow what he has brought in the shape of Holy Quran, what he has showed us, and what he has told us, we will all be just fine, and Allah Almighty will take care of us through all thick and thin. May Allah Almighty Bless Pakistan with all his blessings. I am a Pakistani Muslim, so I love Muslims, and Pakistan, and all our sincere friends.

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