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Over 480 insurgents killed in Afghan border police operations in 11 month: official


08:11, February 21, 2012

KABUL, Feb. 20 (Xinhua) -- A total of 481 insurgents had been killed during operations launched by Afghan Border Police (ABP) in provinces bordering neighboring countries over the past 11 months, the spokesman for Interior Ministry said on Monday.

"The Afghan Border Police (ABP) have eliminated 481 insurgents during operations and law enforcement missions in 19 bordering provinces over the past 11 months ended on Feb. 19,"spokesman Seddiq Seddiqi told reporters in a weekly press briefing.

He said some 147 enemies were injured and 183 other suspected insurgents were detained by the ABP over the same period of time counted from 21 of March 2011 to Feb. 19 this year.

The ABP also found and seized 644 rounds of mines and roadside bombs, 10 suicide vests, 405 pieces of different kind of weapons besides confiscating 3,465 kg of narcotics including opium, heroin and hashish, Seddiqi added.

"Afghan Border Police also captured 112 drug traffickers besides arresting 396 suspected people who have been involved in forgery and making fake passports over the same period of time," the official added.

However, Seddiqi also confirmed that 177 personnel of border police have also been killed and 412 others injured in the same timetable. Afghan officials often use the word "insurgents" referring to Taliban. However, the insurgent group, who launched in May 2011 a rebel offensive against Afghan and NATO forces, has not to make comments yet.


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