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Japanese Emperor Akihito moved out of ICU after heart surgery


13:14, February 20, 2012

TOKYO, Feb. 20 (Xinhua) -- Japanese Emperor Akihito was moved out of the intensive care unit to his private ward in the University of Tokyo Hospital after his heart bypass surgery, said the Imperial Household Agency.

The coronary-artery bypass surgery was aimed to improve the life quality for the 78-year-old emperor, according to his doctors. Emperor Akihito had a light meal and started reading.

The emperor in a wheelchair left the intensive care unit and met his wife Empress Michiko in front of the private room, according to the local media.

The surgery was conducted by a team of doctors from the University of Tokyo Hospital and Juntendo University Hospital. The emperor entered the hospital on Friday morning and is expected to be able to leave hospital in two weeks.

The emperor was earlier diagnosed with angina after an angiogram performed last Saturday.


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