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UN General Assembly backs AL's Syria plan (3)


07:57, February 17, 2012

The resolution stressed "the importance of ensuring accountability and the need to end impunity and hold to account those responsible for human rights violations, including those violations that may amount to crimes against humanity."

The General Assembly "calls for an inclusive Syrian-led political process, conducted in an environment free from violence, fear, intimidation and extremism, and aimed at effectively addressing the legitimate aspirations and concerns of the people of the Syrian Arab Republic, without prejudging the outcome," the resolution said.

It also "calls upon the Syriana authorities to allow safe and unhindered access for humanitarian assistance in order to ensure the delivery of humanitarian aid to persons in need of assistance."

The General Assembly "requests the secretary-general to report on the implementation of the resolution, in consultation with the League of Arab States, within 15 days of its adoption," the resolution said.

Before the assembly vote, Bashar Ja'afara, the Syrian permanent representative to the UN, told the General Assembly that "the adoption of this draft resolution will lead to more violence in the region as a whole."

The co-sponsors rejected any proposed amendments, Ja'afara said, adding the draft resolution violates sovereignty of Syria and international law.

"We hope the United Nations and the international community would provide support to the government and the people of Syria. I did not say the government, but I said the government and the people of Syria, to face the challenge of extremism," he said, referring to his government's current fighting against armed groups in Syria. "No country can accept armed terrorists in its territory."

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