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UN General Assembly backs AL's Syria plan (2)


07:57, February 17, 2012

In explanatory remarks after his vote at the General Assembly, Wang Min, the deputy Chinese permanent representative to the United Nations, said, "We do not approve of armed intervention or forcing a so-called 'regime change' in Syria. We do not believe that sanctions or the threat of sanctions is helpful to achieving an appropriate solution."

"Actions of the international community and the United Nations on the issue of Syria should be helpful to easing tensions, facilitating political dialogue and resolving differences," Wang said. "Such actions, instead of complicating the issue, should be helpful to maintaining peace and stability in the Middle East and upholding unity of the international community."

"We condemn all acts of violence against innocent civilians and urge the government and all political factions of Syria to immediately and fully end all acts of violence, and quickly restore stability and normal social order," he said. "We call on the government of Syria to pay serious heed to the people's legitimate desire for reform and development," he said, adding "we call on the various political factions in Syria to express their political aspirations through non-violent means under the rule of law."

The resolution expressed "grave concern at the deterioration of the situation in the Syrian Arab Republic, in particular the ongoing human rights violations and use of violence by the Syrian authorities against its population."

It "strongly condemns the continued widespread and systematic violations of human rights and fundamental freedoms by the Syrian authorities, such as the use of force against civilians, arbitrary executions, the killing and persecution of protestors, human rights defenders, and journalists, arbitrary detention, enforced disappearances, interference with access to medical treatment, torture, sexual violence, and ill-treatment, including against children."

The General Assembly "calls upon the the government of the Syrian Arab Republic to immediately put an end to all human rights violations and attacks against civilians, protect its population, fully comply with its obligations under applicable international law," the resolution said.

The General Assembly "condemns all violence, irrespective of where it comes from, and calls upon all parties in the Syrian Arab Republic, including armed groups, to stop all violence for reprisals immediately, in accordance with the League of Arab States initiative," it added.

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