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China expects attractive euro investment products

By Zheng Yangpeng (China Daily)

10:55, February 16, 2012

Edited and Translated by Chen Lidan, People's Daily Online

China will keep investing in the euro zone government bonds and expect the European Union to produce more attractive investment products, said Zhou Xiaochuan, governor of China’s central bank Wednesday in Beijing.

“At G20, our leaders had promised that China will not cut the proportion of the investment in euro amid the European sovereign debt crisis,” Zhou made such comment in a speech at the University of International Business and Economics(UIBE) in Beijing.

“China hopes the euro zone and the E.U. to push forward mechanism innovation to shore up the ability of providing investment products that are more attractive and favorable for Sino-European cooperation,” he said.

European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso, who was given a public commitment over China’s willingness to deal with the E.U.’s economic problems at the 14th China-E.U. summit yesterday in Beijing, reasserted his confidence at UIBE at the same day.

In the speech, Barroso said the general tendency ahead of Europe is not split-off but consolidation. The European Central Bank is taking positive actions to inject liquidity to fight the crisis.


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