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Malaysian police nab third Iranian suspect linked to Thai blasts: report


09:18, February 16, 2012

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb.15 (Xinhua) -- Malaysian police on Wednesday arrested an Iranian suspect believed linked to a series of blasts in Thailand, local daily the Star reported.

The daily quoted its sources as saying the 31-year-old suspect was nabbed at a budget airline terminal near Kuala Lumpur on Wednesday as he was about to board a flight to Iran.

Sources said the police had earlier blacklisted the man and were alerted when he booked the flight online.

The man was believed to be behind three bomb blasts that went off at a house in Bangkok on Tuesday, apparently by mistake, injuring four Thai nationals.

It was believed that he remained detained under Malaysian immigration laws as Malaysian police are still investigating if he was alone.

Thai police arrested two other suspects in the blasts, one of whom was an Iranian whose leg was blown off when he tried to hurl a bomb at the approaching policemen in an attempt to flee the house.

The Thai bomb squad found and defused two bombs, each made of three or four pounds of C-4 explosives at the house, which the Israeli government believed were plotted by Iran against Israeli officials.

The two arrested men are facing four charges, including possession of explosives, attempted murder, attempted murder of a policeman and causing explosions that damaged property, Thai police said.


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