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Tunisia dismantles terrorist ring


10:56, February 14, 2012

TUNIS, Feb. 13 (Xinhua) -- Tunisia has dismantled an Islamic terrorist ring after arresting 12 people involved in an attempt to set up an Islamic state, Tunisia's Interior Minister Ali Laaraiedh said in an interview with Radio Mosaique FM on Monday evening.

The arrests, carried out following a recent incident in the city of Sfax during which two assailants were killed and four members of security forces were injured, also led to the seizure of 34 automatic machine guns and hundreds of rounds of ammunition, Laaraiedh said.

The weapons that were captured were not meant to be used immediately but to be stockpiled for later use, he added.

According to preliminary investigations, all of the people arrested were under 30 years old and received military training in Libya from where they smuggled those weapons into southern Tunisia. Some of the people arrested were wanted by the police in relation to previous terrorist activities.

The gang is also suspected to have links with al-Qaeda, Laaraiedh told Radio Mosaique.

Tunisian security forces are on alert and the search for other weapons is still ongoing, Laaraiedh said.


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Pat at 2012-02-1578.146.104.*
It is good to know the Tunisian authorities were willing and able to do this. With the recent rise in militancy from the Salafists some of us were worried the government might be slow to react.

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