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UN rules out probe into Maldives' power transfer


08:52, February 14, 2012

Male, Feb. 13 (Xinhua) - The United Nations on Monday ruled out any investigation into the controversial power transfer from former President Mohamed Nasheed to his vice president.

Completing a three-day mission to the crisis-ridden Indian ocean archipelago, UN Assistant-Secretary-General for Political Affairs Oscar Fernandez-Taranco said that the Maldives must find an internal solution to the crisis as there is no external solution to it.

"The Maldives should find a solution to the present crisis," he said.

Fernandez-Taranco noted that the UN had recognized the present government accused by former President Nasheed of being formed by a military-led mutiny by the opposition and someone in the government.

The UN position comes when a Commonwealth ministerial mission which is to arrive at Maldives on Tuesday to investigate the facts surrounding the resignation of former President Nasheed and how the power transfer took place.

But the UN said it was not conducting an investigation into the allege human rights violation of Nasheed's Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) supporters, adding the UN agencies would be monitoring the situation with the help from local institutions.

He urged all parties to remain calm and not to resort to violence. "This is a forceful message. All parties must resolve the differences in a peaceful manner. Nobody should resort to violence to address difference of opinions and grievances."

He said that both the government and the MDP must come to a settlement with regard the ongoing turmoil. "I have called President Waheed to reach out to MDP and vice versa."

Ruling out any early election, UN Assistant-Secretary-General said that the election would be held according to the constitution in 2013.

Over the past week, the Asia's smallest nation saw continued public protests, violence and change of government.


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