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Fresh Arab calls for peacekeepers in Syria to further fuel violence: analysts


08:46, February 13, 2012

DAMASCUS, Feb. 12 (Xinhua) -- Syrian analysts and observers believed that the recent Arab League's (AL) resolution to dispatch joint Arab-foreign peacekeepers to Syria would further inflame the already-simmering violence in the unrest-torn country.

Loai Hussain, head of the opposition "Building Syria State Party," regarded the calls as "illogical and unrealistic." He told Xinhua that such attempts won't be conducive in solving the Syrian crisis, but rather to escalate it and push it towards a civil conflict.

According to a resolution adopted by Arab foreign ministers on Sunday in Egypt's capital Cairo, the AL called on the United Nations to form a joint UN-AL peacekeeping force for Syria. They also decided to tighten economic sanctions on Damascus and called on Arab countries to stop all diplomatic cooperation with the regime of President Bashar al-Assad.

The regional bloc also proposed holding an international conference for the so-called "Syrian friends," and decided to end the Arab observing mission in violence-hit Syria and provide relief for Syrian refugees.

Hamdi Abdullah, a political analyst, said "Arabs know that what they call for is impossible," adding that "they can't pass such resolution through the Security Council because Russia has expressed its firm rejection to any attempt of allowing foreign intervention in Syria.

"They are exerting their utmost efforts to escalate the violence by such stances," Abdullah added.

As for the observer mission, Abdullah told Xinhua that "during the observers' existence in Syria, the government honored its part of the deal and stopped using force in dealing with armed groups, which allowed those groups to reposition and move easily."

He said "now that the observers' mission has ended, the government has the right to conduct its duty to restore stability and security to the country."

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