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'Flash Occupation' staged in L.A. to demand Wall Street pay fair share


15:36, February 10, 2012

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 9 (Xinhua) -- "Flash Occupation" was staged here at several Wall Street bank branches Thursday in an attempt to escalate pressure on them to pay a fair share and stop foreclosures.

More than 200 people from struggling communities in Los Angeles organized by Good Jobs LA, along with unemployed workers, community groups, labor organizations and Occupy LA activists demonstrated in front of the Bank of America Plaza.

They shouted slogans and raised banners to demand banks stop foreclosures.

The return to the Bank of America Plaza is part of the day of action with flash occupations occurring across Los Angeles at branches and buildings owned by Wall Street banks in Westwood, Inglewood, Compton and downtown LA.

"Those who have lost their houses and jobs gathered to send a message to the bank owners that the government has bailed them out with the tax payers' money, but they have failed to do their part to get our economy back on track. We also want to send a message to the White House that the government should put pressure on those Wall Street banks to stop their greed and pay their fair share," Refugio Mata, spokesman of the Good Jobs LA organization, told Xinhua.

He said protesters gathered at Bank of America Plaza because the bank is the most notorious in treating its customers on foreclosures.

"The 99 percent movement is spreading across Los Angeles to a building near you," said local resident Debra Taylor-Padgett who is currently unemployed and is struggling to support her daughter.

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