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Experts warn of influenza A outbreak in Norway


09:23, February 09, 2012

OSLO, Feb. 8 (Xinhua) -- Health experts warned on Wednesday that Norway is facing an outbreak of influenza A, which is caused by a new strain of virus known as H3N2.

More and more people were visiting doctors in recent days, with complains of having flu-like symptoms, said researchers with Norway's Public Health Institute.

Among all patients who saw their doctors last week, 1.4 percent was diagnosed with flu, with the cases of the influenza A occupying a dominating position, which indicates the threshold of outbreak is reached, according to Norwegian health experts.

The Southern and Western coastal areas of Norway are most affected while reported cases of the infection remain low in other parts of the country.

Since mid-December in 2011, the cases of laboratory confirmed influenza increased markedly, with virus being detected throughout Norway.

The Public Health Institute said that it expects a continued increase in the coming weeks.

"It is urgent now to let themselves be vaccinated against seasonal flu," the institute said, offering advice to people belonging to risk groups.


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