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Russian navy to update its strategic nuclear fleet


09:22, February 08, 2012

MOSCOW, Feb. 7 (Xinhua) -- The Russian Navy will receive at least 10 new Borey class strategic nuclear submarines by 2020, Kommersant daily said Tuesday.

According to the report, the new submarine fleet is expected to become the core of Russia's naval force in the future, in line with a revised state armament procurement program until 2020.

The program also envisions the procurement of 10 Graney class nuclear attack submarines and 20 diesel-electric subs, including six Varshavyanka class vessels, said the report.

In addition to submarines, the Navy will receive 14 frigates, 35 corvettes, six Buyan class small artillery ships and six Ivan Gren Class large landing ships.

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said last year that the updating of warships and submarines for the Navy would be a priority over the next decade.

The Russian government has allocated five trillion rubles ( about 166 billion U.S. dollars) for this purpose.


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