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Maldives army takes over gov't, president reportedly resigns


08:13, February 08, 2012

File photo shows Maldives President Mohamed Nasheed addressing a virtual press conference in Male, capital of Maldives, on Nov. 24, 2010. Mohamed Nasheed announced resignation in a televised speech on Feb. 7, 2012 following overnight protests and demonstrations. (Xinhua)

COLOMBO, Feb. 7 (Xinhua) -- Maldives army and police have taken control of the government on Tuesday following protests, media sources said.

The source said President Mohamed Nasheed is going to resign officially soon and Vice President will make acting president. However, Maldives High Commission in Colombo said earlier that President Nasheed already resigned, which was denied by an official from the president's office.

Maldives official sources told Xinhua that the government is scheduled to issue a statement at 2:30 p.m. local time.

Meanwhile a spokesman for the Maldives opposition Dhivehi Qaumee Party (DQP) told Xinhua via telephone from the Maldives capital Male that there were scenes of jubilation in the country following the announcement that Nasheed had resigned.

DQP spokesman Mohhomad Malech Jamal said that opposition political parties will now meet and decide on holding elections for a new president.

Protests against Nasheed began after the president ordered the arrest of a top criminal court judge over allegations of corruption. Violence broke out on Monday night as the army and police were deployed to break up protesters gathered at Republic Square.

Jamal claimed that a majority of the policemen later supported the protest seeking the removal of Nasheed and this led to a confrontation between the army and police. He said that following Nasheed's resignation, a new police and army chief will be appointed. He also said that some officials of the ruling party headed by Nasheed are expected to be arrested later on Wednesday.

Maldives is a top tourist destination in the world made up of several islands.


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peace at 2012-02-0858.7.140.*
The first democratically elected president, Mohamed Nasheed is honest patriotic president. He saved people of Maldives from a monster no different to Hitler. Maumoon Abdul Gayoom was a murderer and a thief. This Egyptian trained terrorist was terrorizing the people of Maldives for 30 years. If any one criticized his government, they will be arrested and jailed with out trail. The paramilitary was given powers for arbitrary arrests and torture. Mohamed Nasheed was jailed 27 times and badly beaten, still now he walks with a limp. Maumoon has been actively operating in Malaysia to topple the democratically elected government of Maldives from the day he was thrown out of the government. The torture machine and corrupt followers of him blended in to Nasheed government and have been actively disrupting the democratically elected government to make reforms in the government. Such as free health care, dental and optical were provided to all people. Monthly Pensions were given to the old and frail. Water and electricity subsidies are provided to every family in the country. People of Maldives do not know there government must give these kinds of services before. Nasheed’s mode of transport to presidential office is by bicycle or foot. Maumoon lives in a million dollar palace and mode of transport was BMW and Mercedes Benz and road closure were imposed every roads he have to travel. The democratically elected president Mohamed Nasheed is toppled by hefty bribes to junior police officers and low-level military officers. This is confirmed because; the police officer giving the interview is the leader of the mutiny. Acting Commissioner Abdulla Fairooz is a one of notorious torturer of Maumoon Abdul Gayooms. The torture area is located in the basement of the police headquarters in capital Male’. He is believed to arbitrarily arrest people for minor offences like passing red light and torture them for weeks striping them in naked, sexually abusing them and keeping them wet in solitary confinement, Abu Ghraib style. Then send them to notorious prison in Maafushi Island for more. Abdulla Fairooz is a believer in fundamental Islam and believes that Mohamed Nasheed is having anti Islamic policy. He has brain washed about 20 junior officers and DRP thug’s of former president Maumoon Abdul Gayoom to initiate a jihad against the Mohamed Nasheed’s modest policies.The poor people of Maldives need help of international communities and freedom loving people of the world to boycott the tourism sector in Maldives. Until the military rule is abolished and democratic government is elected. These poor people are already affected by global warming. Please help them at least to have their freedom.

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