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Era of abstention shifts to confident veto

(Global Times)

09:19, February 06, 2012

Susan Rice, the US ambassador to the UN, said that the US was "disgusted" by Russia and China's decision to veto the UN resolution on Syria. Such language appears on China's freewheeling Weibo a lot, but now it comes from the mouth of a veteran diplomat. This might be "disgusting."

Since 1971, China has vetoed UN Security Council resolutions eight times. It is the country that has used its veto the fewest times among United Nations Security Council (UNSC) permanent members. France, the next up, has vetoed nearly 20 times. It reflects the cautiousness China shows in wielding its power. In past years, despite strong opposition against certain UNSC resolution, China has often abstained, allowing what it was against to happen. That era is gone.

China's veto is following its own logic. It does not hint at a possible China-Russia alliance. Both China and Russia have their own interests and dignity. If the West is not willing to see the two move closer, it should not force their hand.

The West's aggression is pressing China which tends to stay moderate. Chinese used to think Syria was a remote country. Besides, Chinese society is alert to the idea of a China-Russia bond against the West. Such a view is finding traction among academics.

The West had an opportunity to shape a moderate Russia when the Soviet Union disintegrated, but Washington disdained the opportunity. Russia's tough posture has partly resulted from Washington's suppression of this chance. Now the West is seemingly adopting the same approach toward China. Despite its development, China is feeling its strategic room being squeezed.

China's veto is first concerning the Middle East. Other than that, the West should also see in it a change in China's public sentiment. It is not nationalism, it is more a result of a feeling of crisis. Extreme voices against China appear more often among US politicians and media, further strengthening Chinese worries. Chinese society has no willingness to confront the West. Its people are uncomfortable at being targeted by Western media. But now they are forced to believe Western media are averse to China. It is useless to try and please them.

Abstaining is no longer always a choice as China is forced to speak out. China needs to speak out. Hiding its true thinking does not help avoid trouble. The veto may have its consequences, but the Chinese people are willing to face it together. In a recent Global Times poll, 91 percent of respondents supported China's decision.


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Canada at 2012-02-0770.36.49.*
I firmly support China & Russia"s veto of the UN resolution.
ming chu (America) at 2012-02-06108.71.88.*
The truth is China needs to speak out more . You will be respected more .
lpc1998 at 2012-02-06202.156.10.*
The Russia-China UNSC Veto is needed to save millions of innocent lives as the New Crusaders and Global Hegemonists would not stop at Syria for regime change. There is a long list of other countries which are or will be subverted for the so-called colored revolutions. The draft resolution was designed to de-legitimize the legitimate government of Syria and to encourage and sustain the armed rebellion against it by signaling that foreign armed intervention is coming.After Libya, it is once bitten twice shy for Russia and China[1]. Don"t expect them to be fools before the world the second time.Many gullible people tend to side with whom they thought to be victims of oppressors and be fooled not once, but again and again[2].The original and root causes of the killings of innocent people are the plots of rebellion organized, financed, supported and directed by the New Crusaders and the Global Hegemonists [3] to change the governments of countries which have different cultures and system of governance and which are free and independent from the Global Hegemonists[4]. The New Crusaders want to impose "universal values" on other cultures whereas Medieval Crusaders the “eternal truths”. "Universal values" here is an oxymoron as truly universal values are practiced or tend to be practiced everywhere and therefore do not need to be imposed, often by military force or economic blackmail, by the rich and powerful on the poor and weak.The very idea of using military force or crippling economic sanctions by one member state of the United Nations on another member state without a UNSC resolution is both illegal and immoral, threatening to plunge the world into lawless aggressions and counter-aggressions in endless cycles of conflicts costing millions of innocent lives in death and destruction.Notes:[1] How Libya’s Success Became Syria’s Failure[2] The Myth of the Arab Spring Underdog[3] CIA, MI-6, DGSE, Mossad — Tinkering with turmoil in Syria[4]Wesley Clark: A Time to Lead
robby singh at 2012-02-0676.121.191.*
Nicely put. How many times rest of the world was left disgusted and veto after veto (by USA) agaisnt crimes of Isreal? USA should learn to accept the new world order instead of leaving the scene in huff n puff like small children.

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