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Syrian unrest escalates as UN resolution stalls


16:57, February 04, 2012

DAMASCUS/UNITED NATIONS, Feb. 4 (Xinhua) -- As clashes continue in Syria, the UN Security Council is scheduled to meet again Saturday morning to vote on a resolution on the country.

On Friday, a group of armed "terrorists" attacked some border guards in the Dar al-Kabir area on the borders with Lebanon, near the hotbed of unrest, Homs province, and killed three of them, including a colonel, the private Sham FM radio reported.

Also in Homs, unidentified gunmen stormed an infirmary in the Bustan al-Diwan area and set it ablaze after looting it.

Meanwhile, an explosive device reportedly went off in Siraj village in the Jabal al-Zawya region of northern Idlib province, injuring two.

In another explosion earlier in the day in the province's town of Kafr Takharim, three children were killed. A witness confirmed the blast, telling Xinhua that he had heard a loud explosion in the area. Sham FM put the death toll at four without giving further details.

To end the bloody violence, the Arab League and the Western countries have drafted a resolution that asked President Bashar al-Assad to resign, seeking support from the UN Security Council.

Although the sponsors of the draft dropped the specific reference to Assad's giving up power after four hours of tough negotiations to avoid a veto by Russia, the country still boycotted the resolution.

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