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100 firefighters battle bushfire in Western Australia's south west


13:33, January 30, 2012

SYDNEY, Jan. 30 (Xinhua) -- About 100 firefighters are battling a bushfire near Wannamal, north of Perth, in Western Australia's south west, authorities said on Monday.

Residents in the town of Wannamal have been told to leave or be ready to defend their properties as the bushfire is moving towards the town, the Fire and Emergency Services Authority of Western Australia (FESA) said.

The FESA said firefighters had saved 30 homes in the area and no homes had been lost.

The fire which started on Sunday afternoon, has burnt 1,650 hectares of bushland.

A total of 100 firefighters are strengthening containment lines, using 29 appliances, with water-bombing planes on stand-by, the FESA said.

A number of roads have been closed in the area and motorists are being told to avoid the area.

"The bushfire is contained and not controlled," the FESA said.

Meanwhile, firefighters are mopping up in the state's south- west after two separate fires on Sunday.


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